Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lubbock Bound

Last weekend I was Lubbock bound with the bigs. I realized on the trip there that I hadn't been since I was preggers with the twins so I was WAY overdue for a visit to my old stompin' grounds.

We tagged along with GP and Honey to go visit Nana and all things Texas Tech.

The boys were super excited to see their GREAT grandmother!!
Silly faces, not Nana's forte. :)
The boys were also super excited to sleep in THIS!!
Sam graciously let them camp out in his RV, what a treat.

We also got to pop in and see the Crosby's, my sweet friend Sally and Stacey's sweet friend Jackson who have recently moved to Lubbock but no pictures to prove it. :(

On Saturday we headed to campus for some pre-game festivities. It was SUPER cold, but we were all enjoying the change from the lingering heat.
Couldn't resist a little flash back to these two sweet things a mere three years ago. :)
 Little break as we walked through campus.

 SWEET shades, a freebie we stumbled upon.
Mom and Dad headed to the game with III and Wyatt and I headed back to watch Tech get killed on TV. :(
So shy,  poor thing just doesn't know what to do in front of a camera. He he.
Stacey was keeping the home fires burning back in Waco with the Cs. He thought he would try to keep them up so they would nap during the game, but turned around after lunch to find them both snoozing. HA!! Love getting this sweet picture of my tuckered out twosome.
And apparently they weren't the only ones that were exhausted that day. Stacey III fell asleep at the game! CRAZY! I think the RV was a little too fun. ;)
 We wrapped up the weekend with a game of Joker. Stacey III really loves games just like Honey so he enjoyed learning a little about a new one with Nana and Sam and GP and Honey.
 Obviously a victory would have made the weekend a little sweeter, but we all had a great time visiting one of our favorite places and a few of out favorite people. :)

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