Sunday, October 28, 2012


We have been spending A LOT of time this season watching Wyatt dominate in soccer with the Whales and Stacey excel in Football with the Angry Birds. 

Luckily for us the Family Center, where they both play, is just a stones throw from our house!

I just happened to have Angie's camera on Sat. so I snapped a few pictures of Stacey III in action.

This is our first experience with football and Stacey has learned a ton and is really loving it. His coaches are wonderful and flag football at the Family Center has proved the perfect place to start.

Team prayer before the game, reason #1 to LOVE the Family Center. :) 
Grabbing that flag!
 Fancy Footwork!
 On his way to a TOUCH DOWN!!
I snapped a few pictures of his faithful fans too.

Honey and GP helping with the twinadoes.

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