Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Just a few unedited updates straight from the iphone

The bigs and I went to the fist Baylor game for some HOT football!
 Sweet love from brother XOXO
 Puppet Show from the C's (in each others chairs).

 Jumping Rope just like his big brothers.
 Must have been a two for one special ;).

 Bobble head (Coyt)

 CHEESE!!!! (Crew)
 CHEESE!!!! (Coyt)
 Movie night
 Notice Coyt has Crew's foot. :) And I can guarantee you the littles didn't sit there long.
 The open windows on a cool morning were THRILLING to the babies...until Crew got a little overzealous and fell out of one. Whoops.
 Showing off some very overdue haircuts.
 Celebrating Ryan's birthday in style.
These babies keep us going 90 miles an hour but I LOVE these days of our lives and wouldn't trade them for anything.

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