Sunday, July 8, 2012

Father's Day

We are SO beyond blessed when it comes to great Father's. We adore our own Dad's, GP and Biggie, and think that the Daddy in our house is pretty darn special too!!

On actual Father's day the boys were going to be with Big & Nannie so we celebrated a little early with our SUPER DAD at Rosati's.

The boys had worked hard on their cards telling Daddy why his is Super:

Wyatt: My Daddy is Super...Strong, Super Fast, and Super good at teaching me how to ride a bike.
Stacey: My Daddy is Super Special because...he takes me to Bahama Bucks, Is Super Fast and Plays Baseball with me.
On Sunday we had lunch with the fam. All the kids filed out an "All about my Dad" questionnaire about their Dad and granddads. They were pretty hilarious.
These are four incredible Daddies. :) What an incredible blessing to have such wonderful Godly men leading our families.

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