Friday, May 4, 2012

Crab Walk

Just in the past few weeks Crew and Coyt have really mastered walking. But just a few short weeks ago we saw a lot of this whenever they hit the grass. Sweet babies are less and less baby every day.

While they obviously still look a lot alike we are starting to see them come into their own more and more both in their looks and actions.

Coyt will want to be held for a quick snuggle and then he is back to playing. He is pretty independent but will try to take whatever Crew is playing with and leave Crew crying about it quite often. He can be found with some sort of ball in his hand almost 24/7.

Crew on the other hand needs a little more lovin' and does not like it when I leave the room. He fake cries and gives us the lovely snarl face you see above quite often. :)

Both boys have proven they know how to throw a fit and will bang their heads on the ground when a toy is taken away or they don't get their way. They are slowly learning that it hurts and just do the motion sometimes without actually connecting to the floor. I'm afraid concrete floors are going to be a rude awakening to those little noggins!! They also both LOVE to be outside and usually playing outside can fix whatever ails them. Talking does not seem to be a priority to either of them and A Ah Aaa is still the favorite "word".

They've both been getting some molars this month so we've had some rough days with lots of inconsolable crying. Thankfully my mother-in-law took them for a few days this week and I got a much needed and appreciated break!! So I can love on my little crab crawlers with renewed energy and patience.

15 Month Stats:
Coyt - 22.3 lbs. 31 1/2 inches
Crew - 21.6 lbs. 31 1/2 inches

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