Friday, May 4, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Stacey celebrated the USofA with a full week of themed days and activities at school. Crazy Hair Day was the big finish and thanks to a tip from our experienced cousin when knew just where to get the goods to make this hairdo happen. Because nothing says God Bless America like a six year old with a sturdy red, white and blue foehawk. :)

 Yeah, we rocked this day!
Stacey was super pumped to wear his crazy hair to school. But after school when I needed him to run a few errands with me he said, "MOM, I can not go in there with my hair like this!!" I told him that if anyone said anything just to tell them it was crazy hair day at his school. Sure enough right when we get out of the car he gets some comments. He cut his eyes at me like "see, I told you!" and then mumbled, "...itwascrazyhairdayatmyschool," while looking at the ground. But, he survived crazy haired errands and so did his "do". I thought we'd never get all that gel out!

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