Friday, April 27, 2012

Brady Wood's Arrival!

We recently welcomed Brady James Wood to our family. Coyt and I had a heart to heart about him no longer being the baby of our cousin crew, but he took it all in stride. :) Such a privilege to get to be a part of this amazing day. 

After lots of waiting leading up to this day, once labor day was here he came really fast. Thankfully we made it in time and got to hear his first cries - such a MIRACLE! We're usually illegally sneaking back to listen at the door, but Thanks to Hillcrest's mini waiting room right outside the door we didn't even have to sneak around or get reprimanded by the nurses - Thanks Hillcrest!

A little blackmail picture of III playing a "Pretty Pretty Princess" game with the girls in the waiting room. You earn jewelry. He is really into games right now, and winning, but I was pretty surprised that he was willing to join in on this one.
The Big Brother and Big Sister were SO excited to meet their baby brother. I promise Ryan looks just like Ally on the inside. :)
Wood, Party of FIVE
 Such an amazing moment, meeting your brother and having your family together for the very first time.
Aunt Cary is one smitten kitten!!
 I'm not alone.

Sigh...Brady, we are so glad you are here and we are so glad you are a part of this crazy family!

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