Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome October


Halloween brings a candy bar
Christopher Columbus is a holiday
Fall is here and Winters on its' way!

OK maybe not the brrrrrr part just yet, but it is October and we're obvioulsy ready around here. ;) I couldn't resist these matchy matchy jammies so I pretended III was still a 5T and the troops were so thrilled that a photo session full of unprompted smiles ensued.


The Junods said...

Oh good heavens! 4 more reasons why this is my favorite time of the year! precious boys!! the twins are so incredibly cute its painful to see them in pictures and not in person. obviously they are identical...right? seriously its amazing. to look at them is to see God's special handywork...really it is. And the big boys are BIG...i miss them for my own boys! love you all and happy october!!

Laura said...

ADORABLE boys!! I love the matchy-matchy PJ's!!

Woodbury Family said...

I am with you Wendi - it is painful to see them and not be squeezing and kissing them in person!!! Not too much longer though :) LOVE those matchy PJ's!!