Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Snapshots

There is no rhyme or reason to these pictures, which seems to be my blog MO lately, (I might have just googled MO to make sure I was using that term correctly) but, here are a few snapshots of our six pack circus. About half were taken on the iphone while my camera battery waited to find its charger. These "this and that" or "around the house" or whatever you want to call them, posts always seem so random when I'm posting them...because they are...however, when I look back they are also some of my favorites. :)

Blurry brothers (Crew & Stacey)
Sharks soccer fan club...more soccer pictures to come now that the aforementioned battery and camera have reunited.
Super babies holding their own bottles.
Double snuggles from Daddy.
Racket ball man strikes again!!
My cutie-pie kindergartner. :)
Scrub a dub dub two babies in the tub!
These two precious messes went to the doctor yesterday for their 9 month check up and low and behold they were both on the charts!! 25% for weight and 50% for height!! They are almost exactly the same size these days both 28" tall, and 18 pounds (Crew 18.4 lbs, Coyt 18.1 lbs.).

Until my next random "Mode of Operation" post. ;)


Meg said...

okay i may or may not want to have one more set of twins after seeing how ridiculously cute yours are! gah! i have to tell you shane said stacey was so so SO good in SS on sunday. those boys can be a rowdy crew & shane said he was so well behaved. i know a mama always likes to hear that :). hope to see you soon & introduce our twinsies!!

Shannon said...

I personally happen to LOVE these posts. I miss you like crazy and really to need to catch up! The boys (all four of them) are getting too big too quick. Stop. Love you all so much!