Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grandparents Day

Last week the boys had grandparents day at school and you don't have to know much about us to know we are beyond blessed in the grandparent department!!

Nannie and Big came in for the festivities. Wyatt's class sang some songs and showed off some of the skills they are learning this year and then they got to see Stacey's class, hear him recite a poem and have lunch together.
Everyday is a little bit like grandparents day with Honey at school (not to mention we are living in the same house!) but this day was obviously extra special.

GP and Honey with the oldest half of their grandbaby gang.
This picture turned out super blurry :( but I had to include these two cuties who seem to really enjoy each other's company. Stacey has some great buddies in his class this year and just loves David. They were in rare, but true kindergarten boy, form at lunch thinking everything they said was was hi-larious. So glad that Stacey is making some sweet friends at school!
After lunch everyone could have a keepsake photo made, so I snapped a few of my own. I'm hoping maybe the boy's faces were a little less silly in the official photos.

The bookfair just happened to be going on the same week (somebody had their thinking cap on for that combo) so the boys were treated to lots of new books thanks to their generous grandparents who all LOVE books and reading.

Nannie would sit and read books to her boys ALL DAY LONG and sometimes they do just that.
I could never explain how incredible or important Nannie, Big, Honey and GP are to our family. So I'll just say THANK YOU for being such amazing parents and grandparents, you are deeply loved and appreciated by this six pack!!!

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