Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten Months Old!!

Can't believe how big these two are getting! I delayed their 10 month pictures a few days due to the green goop that had taken residence in there eyes. I am all about reality but no wants to see that. Thankfully they both seem to be feeling much better.

Both boys have gotten new teeth this month, fangs on top (just in time for Halloween) and one of Crew's front teeth just broke through too. We trying all sorts of finger foods but they still seem to prefer baby food. Their reach and confidence pulling up has them getting into everything and I know that is only going to get worse. Thankfully Mom and Dad don't mind finding new homes for anything that previously resided on their level.

Coyt - 10 months

Crew - 10 months

Maybe it's because they sleep so good these days or maybe it is because I have lots of extra help living with Mom and Dad, or maybe it is because they are just so darn cute and you just can't help but smile at cuteness times two!! Or obviously, all of the above, but our double duo has never seemed so sweet.

Double Snugglers
Double Jumpers (Crew in navy Coyt in baby blue)
Double Baby Booties
Double Bathies
Double Swingers
Double Droolers
I don't mean to make life sound all sugary sweet and perfect because - Hello - it's not - but when it comes to the Cs at 10 months I am just LOVE LOVE LOVING life. I am 100% smitten with these two and after several months of looking forward to each new day without looking back, just thankful to have just survived another, I am ready for my time machine to hover right here for as long as possible!

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