Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Faces

I was taking a picture of Coyt to document his first shiner - he had a run in with a step and needless to say the step won - but he decided to turn on the charm and show me all sorts of expressions.

These pictures really don't do his black eye any justice, it looks much worse in person. But, it has earned him some street cred with the other babies on the know the cribs? (that's baby gangster talk). Oh someone stop me I'm cracking myself up!

Not to be out done Crew wanted to show you a few faces too.



angie said...

I cannot stop laughing at their silly antics:). Oh man if they end up having personalities to match we are in trouble!!! Love them.

Kristin said...

The Shepelwiches are LAUGHING over here.... that's good stuff. The Cribs.