Friday, September 16, 2011

Nine Months Old!!

Coyt Austin - 9 Months
Crew Anderson - 9 Months
Yes it is September/fall and yes the boys are outside wearing shirtless sear sucker, but it is still so very very hot and this it's not a look they'll be able to pull of at 16 so it was now or never.

What a month. We don't go in for the Cs nine month check up for a few weeks, so no official stats yet, but I'll go ahead and bore you will lots of other details. :)

These two are getting faster every stinkin' day! I will leave them in a room and come back only to find them having disappeared in two different directions. Although, come to think of it, they do seem to follow each other around a lot of the time.

The two pictures represent their most recent positions well. They are pulling up on everything and can get to a standing position fairly easily but still haven't mastered getting down. They'll pull up to the side of their cribs and then scream for me to come get them because they are trapped there unable to descend the great heights they have climbed. Neither of them are excellent at sitting yet, but both can now do a little side sit, like Crew is doing above, when they are crawling around. So they are getting there, baby steps...literally. ;)

Both boys are wonderful sleepers taking two naps (about two hours each) and sleeping 12 hours at night. What a difference from jut a few short months ago! We've dropped the "dream feed" at 10:00, and I am just nursing them in the mornings. They are eating three times a day and taking bottles with lunch and before bed.

They can both say MaMa and DaDa, and sometimes I think they actually know what they are saying!!...of course other times not so much.

If you get on the floor with them they love it and will crawl all over you like two little puppies, panting and flopping all over the place.

This month, thanks to the amazing carts at HEB with TWO seats up front (genius!) I was able to take both boys to the grocery store and actually getting a FULL load of groceries. One small step for most one giant step for this mommy!!!

And lastly, this month, Daddy decided to channel his inner stylist and buzzed the babies precious little heads...(dramatic pause)...while I was at Target. I came home with feelings I can only compare to Shelly Long's classic Troop Beverly Hills "HE PERMED ME" moment. So many questions so few answers.

What monthly post would be complete without the consistent sentiment of, where does the time go???? and how are my twinsies NINE MONTHS OLD? Sigh, such a sweet stage, wish I could bottle it up for a rainy day.


angie said...

Love this post. Those little babies are so precious, and I cannot believe they are NINE months old!!! Great pictures.

shannonmichaelis said...

He buzzed their hair...mouth drops open. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Those babies are precious. Need to get to Waco and get my hands on them! Need to come see your new digs. :-)

Sarah said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Can't wait to see everyone SOON and get some Smith boy snuggles :)

Kristin said...

So cute!!!!! I can't believe they are 9 months old...I still feel like Graham is only 9 months old. :) I'd also love to bottle it up for a rainy day. Miss you guys more than you know!!!