Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Every other summer my parents treat us to fabulous accommodations for a family vacation. This year we were going to San Antonio, which was nice and close making the travel pretty easy.

We opted to leave Coyt and Crew in the capable and loving hands of Nannie for the duration of the trip (Nannie and Sarah, Lauren, Big, Shelley and anyone else who helped out while we were gone THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!) . I know you would think I would be running out the door for a sweet taste of freedom, but I was pretty sad to leave my precious babes behind :(, but SO excited and thankful for the quality time with Stacey and Wyatt. It was no doubt the right decision.

I told the boys this was a water trip, first a Lake then a River and finally the Sea.

First, up Lake LBJ. We broke up the drive down and stretched our trip a little by hitting up the lake on the way to San Antonio. It was so fun to have some down time with just the four of us and get to enjoy it at the Lake.
Next up was the River, as in The River Walk. We met up with the rest of our family and headed out for some Mexican food on the square.
These five really do love being together and were very excited to start the leg of our vacation that included the cousins!! It seemed so easy just keeping up with five.
After a very HOT walk to dinner we opted to ride the trolley back.
The middle bigs: Wyatt, Ally & Lila
Then the Griswolds visited the Alamo. :)

The next morning when the temperature was MUCH cooler we descended on the river again and took a little tour on the riverboat.
No words for these two.
Our fellas

After the riverboat ride, the ladies left for some shopping at La Cantera and the guys took all the kids swimming and then to the much anticipated Kung Fu Panda 2. Big thanks to the Dads it was SO fun to have a grown up afternoon with my mom and sisters to shop at our leisure!
That night we all met back up for dinner at a delicious Brazilian steakhouse.

The final in our threefold water destinations was the Sea, as in SeaWorld!!
Griswolds are at it again. Thanks for being the photog Kacey!
If San Antonio is hot than SeaWorld is on fire! Aye yai yai we were melting just a bit. Going on a Sunday we were of course expecting a crowd, but found out later that it was military appreciation day and any service man or woman and their entire family got in free. So it was crazy crowded!!

But, we managed to have some fun anyway.

We hit up the dolphins first and I think this was my favorite stop. They are just so up close and personal.
Gotta hydrate y'all...we kept these 99 cent refillable souvenir cups flowing all day long.
We saw the shows Azul, with Beluga whales and tons of fun divers and acrobats and Believe, which features Shamu and a new baby whale, so cute! I rededicated my life to being an animal trainer after the moving video, or maybe I rededicated my life to helping make better SeaWorld was pretty hot and I had only had a few gallons of Pepsi so I can't really remember.

At some point in the middle of the afternoon Kacey and I went to pump, and you really haven't partied until you've pumped in the SeaWorld bathrooms. But, I only share that because upon returning to our group I noticed Wyatt had a few new toys so, naturally, I said, "Oh cool buddy where did you get those?" Stacey III spoke up and replied, "Oh he got those from the police man when he got lost." Umm say what?? Apparently Wyatt spent about 20 minutes lost with with a very nice police man. Thankfully I missed all the panic and he was safe and sound when I got back so no harm done. Phew!

We finished up our day at SeaWorld having some fun at the water park (with one million other people).

That night after a quick clean up we had a another delicious meal at Landry's. Seafood was a perfect way to end our "sea" day.

The Warrens and Woods headed back the next morning, but we had a leisurely last day with Mom and Dad after we checked out and caught the Alamo IMAX movie, which was sort of hilarious. Just really cheesy and then at the end a little violent for our audience. Stacey III kept asking "Are those the good guys or the bad guys?" and was very confused when the "good guys" lost in the end. But hopefully it is a little history that maybe they gleaned something from.

Then we had one last meal on the river with these two cuties.
It was a great trip and I enjoyed the time with my family, husband and biggest two boys very much. I also REALLY enjoyed sleeping. What a treat to have so much uninterrupted sleep. Again thank you Debbie for taking care of the C's, and thank you Mom and Dad for making this trip possible!

Time to start planning 2013's destination. :)


The Junods said...

What an awesome trip! San Anton is on my list! What a perfect age for the big boys. So so glad yall got treasured time away! You look like skinny minny and so pretty! I about fell out at the police story. Thank you Lord for orchestrating the pumping time! I have done some airport pumping and can relate to the party. Bless that milk. Also pretty funny how busy you stayed on this vacation yet came back rested. What a gift! See you soon sweet friend. Can't wait!

Mindy said...

I have too many comments. This post should be published. I'm looking forward to Destination 2012's blog post. You are a RIOT!!!!!!! What a fun trip!:)))