Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Swimmers

I have lost of posts to catch up on but while I work on those I'll leave you with this...

Last week the C's took their first official dip in the pool!!

First up was Mr. Coyt.
We start 'em little around here.

Stacey III is a 100% water-bug and a great encourager to his baby bros.. I remember a tiny version of him wearing the same swim trunks taking his first swim with daddy...sigh...where does the time go?
Then is was Mr. Crew's turn to brave the waters.

Ahhhh this is the life!
More cuties
I know their expressions are less than enthusiastic, but I think the scowls have more to do with the sun than the water. They were kicking up a storm and have already asked when they can swim least that's what I think they said, there wasn't really a specific section for swimming in The Baby Whisperer. ;)

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Shannon said...

Are you sure it was just Pepsi in those 99 cent refillable cups? All your funny comments make me believe you had spiked with something a little more fun! :-) LOVE all the updates. Miss you like crazy. We are ready for a swim and some time with the Smiths! (Time with Smiths more than swimming!) Love you!