Monday, June 20, 2011

Six Months Old!!

This month with the C's has by far been our best yet. I think I say that every month, but I feel like the first five months (while wonderful in their own special way) were HARD! The best kind of hard imaginable, yes, but still hard. And while each day has its own challenges, it really feels like we are settling into a routine and just enjoying Coyt and Crew more than ever!

The biggest milestone this month has been SLEEP, oh sweet sleep we have missed you and are SO grateful to have you back on the nightly menu. Both boys started going a good six hour stretch from 10-4 and just this week have stretched that to 8-9 hours, sleeping from 10 to 6ish!!!

We've transitioned from the swaddle to self soothing and have started baby food too.

The boys had a good six month checkup this morning. They are both still pretty small frys. Crew was in the 5th percentile and Coyt was just below the chart so we've got to work on getting some more lbs. on him. But, both boys are strong and VERY active and therefore burning lots of calories. They roll with purpose these days and scooch all over the place. I hesitate to even type it, but they are showing signs of being dangerously close to crawling (heaven help us!).

Crew (AKA Crew Dog) 25 1/2 inches 13 pounds 13 ounces

Coyt (AKA Coyturoy) 25 1/4 inches 13 pounds 4 ounces

So they might be a little small but...

check out these muscles!
If I started every morning off doing planks like these guys I'd be little too :). I mean seriously this kid is working it, no wonder he needs some extra calories!
Vroom Vroom
I stole these pics taken earlier in the month from Shelley's blog, she is such a great photog! (post about the Woodbury's visit from London to come)

Getting some love from Uncle Geoff


Miranda said...

These 2 boys are total cuties! And I swear 1 looks like Momma and the other looks like Stacey III.
We are on the verge of crawling over here too and as much as I can't wait... I really can.. :(

Mindy said...

Seriously, they are so cute I don't know what to do!!!

Sarah said...

I can't believe they are six months old! And wow on the plank pose...little yogi in the works? :) I can't decide if they look more like Stacey or Wyatt. Most pictures I'd say Stacey but they have Wyatt's expressive face in a few! Regardless, cute. And miss you!

Katy said...

Praise the Lord, you're getting sleep! Oh I am so happy to hear this for you.

Coyturoy. hilarious. :)

shannonmichaelis said...

I have tagged these posts in anticipation of coming back to comment...weeks ago!

The planks - by far my fave photo. How in the world did he do it?!

Those babies are precious and it was great to see them back in June.

Loved the San Antonio post as well - funny to see the different perspectives on the weekend through all the sisters' blogs.

See you soon!!!