Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birth Day

We'll they're here! And we are loving every minute with our precious babies!! Unfortunately not very minute of those minutes are left available for editing and posting on the blog. :) I've been trying to get this post done all week, but wouldn't you know it I keep getting distracted. Finally mission accomplished. I am recording a lot of minutia details for my own personal memory so bear with me.

Along with the countdown to Christmas Day, we'd been counting down the days until Coyt and Crew's arrival on our advent calendar. Stacey III would tell me every morning how many days were left until the babies would be here.
We were scheduled to be induced on December 16th. The big boys spent the night at Big and Nannie's and Stacey and I got up bright and early to check into the hospital at 6:00. It is so surreal driving t the hospital knowing that your whole world is about to change. The first few hours were spent filling out paper work, answering questions, getting set up in our room, getting an IV and fluids etc.

We're ready to role.
We were planning to have both babies naturally (as in without a C-section not without drugs) but I would deliver in an OR just in case a C-section was necessary. Stacey modeling his new scrubs.
Dr. Fogwell came in to break my water and see if that would get things started. I simply mentioned that I hadn't ever had that done without an epidural. So in the name of all things pain free he said, let's get you an epidural first. Seriously? Um OK, sounds good to me. :) I got my epidural and he broke my water. Nothing much was happening so about 10:00 he put me on pitocin. Things were moving pretty slow. Over the course if two hours I went from a 3 to a 4. Two hours later when he checked me I was still at a 4. My contractions were "failing to impress" thus far. Slow and steady was OK but no progress wasn't the greatest news. Thankfully I was comfortable and had lots of visitors to keep me company.

About an hour later I was feeling lots of pressure. I wasn't sure if the epidural was wearing off or the contractions were just getting more intense so Mom went and got the nurse and she came and checked me. She said, "you're complete." As in, let's get you to the OR STAT and don't push!!! Whoo Hooo it was really time now. Funny little side note, a friend from Watermark was actually in the operating room delivering her twin girls so we had to wait a few minutes for them to clear the room.

On our way!
The OR was very intimidating, eight people wearing masks swirling around me hooking me up to all sorts of contraptions and prepping me simultaneously was a lot to take in. Lots of deep breathes and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" personal pep talks to myself. :) Thankfully, just a few minutes later at 3:54 Crew jumped out. Seriously I didn't even get through one 10 count of pushing and he was here. We heard him cry and cried ourselves. But then it was back to business, we had to do this again. That was also strange, to have a baby but instead of taking a deep breath we still had work to do. Coyt was a little tougher but 11 minutes later at 4:05 Coyt came into the world and we heard that amazing first cry for a second time (Coyt was transverse but Dr. Fogwell was able to turn him before we got started with hardly any effort at all). There really is no sweeter sound in the whole world then hearing your baby, or in this case babies cry for the first time.

Holding Crew for the first time.

They were taking Coyt to the nursery to watch his breathing but I was able to hold him and snap a quick picture before they left.
Stacey sharing the news with the anxious waiting room.

While Coyt was in the nursery being observed, poor little guy,
we got to love on Crew.

Coyt made it back to the room a few hours later with a healthy report, but by then they had taken Crew for his screenings and bath etc.
So then we got to love on Coyt.
FINALLY after what seemed like forever we had BOTH our precious babies together and we could not have been more excited.
Crew Anderson Smith - 5 pounds 14 ounces - 19 1/4 inches
Coyt Austin Smith - 6 pounds 5 ounces - 18 3/4 inches

We all went a little nuts over them. :)

We are completely in love.
Things really could not have gone better and we are praising God for the boys complication free arrival and health.

More to come soon...hopefully.


Craig and Julie said...

LOVE IT!!! I too was crying when you were telling about those precious boys birth! So exciting! Praying for you all.

jacy said...

Congratulations.... they are precious!!! Boys are the best!!

Self Family said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet pics of two very sweet boys. Can't wait to luv on both of them. It's so surreal to see you holding your 3rd and 4th boys Caryn. So blessed to be a part of your blessings. And what a perfect delivery - you should do this for a living :-) I have never heard of anyone having such wonderful birth stories. Thank you for sharing!!

The Junods said...

Oh my goodness...eyes full of tears! Goodness Gracious the LORD was so so good! I can't see much of a difference from those sweet things. I definitely see some Wyatt. Just looking at you hold those babies on the outside of your tummy is crazy. just looks fake. Like they're those dolls you were holding when you told SB and I you were pregnant! How can it be? Its precious and they're beautiful! I canNOT wait to see you all. Just a few days. Great post. I do not understand where you found the time to even sit down or hold your eyes open while you sit down! Love you

Priscila Vargas said...

Oi, sou brasileira, e sigo seu blog, depois que o encontrei ao procurar sobre festas de aniversário. Uso o google para traduzí-lo ao português. Desculpe, não sei falar inglês, mas espero que consiga traduzir, e receber minhas felicitações pelo nascimento de seu filhos, que são lindos, como toda sua família.
Deus abençoe muito vocês, e conceda toda sabedoria para educá-los, e que cresçam cheio de saúde e prósperos!
Um abençoado Natal e Ano Novo!
bey bey!


Holly said...

So awesome and what a great story. I am sure it was surreal to have to push again after the first baby arrived. You look great and I hope to meet them soon. I would love to bring you all a meal after January so sign me up for your care calendar! Blessings!

Shannon said...

I am chomping at the bit to get back to those sweet boys! I loved seeing the play by play and love the fact that I was there to witness you loving on them together that first night! What an amazing day! Love you and love your family of 6 so very much!

Carrie Loper said...

Those pics are priceless. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful details!! And you could not look more gorgeous after having TWINS!!!! I mean, did you have a stylist on hand to give you touchups or something?! The boys are absolutely precious and I can't wait to meet them in person (when things settle down a little). Have a very Merry Xmas with your new family of 6!!

angie said...

Oh PRAISES!!! I love those little babies SO much!! It was the perfect day and I love all the special details of their birth. Love your precious family of SIX----amazing!

Meg said...

oh caryn just PERFECT! healthy, gorgeous babies, wonderful delivery...does it GET any better?? i could just cry reading every perfect detail and seeing those punkin' little boys!! enjoy the ride, mama :).

shannonmichaelis said...

The Lord is Good and He is Faithful! Love the play-by-play and so glad I got to see those precious babies! Mini me's Stacey and Wyatt. Wish I had been able to see you longer, but so glad to see you post birth. Love that your delivery was so smooth...thankful for small details!