Monday, December 27, 2010


On the day the babies were born Stacey and Wyatt were on the way to the hospital to meet Coyt and Crew when Aunt Cassie called to say that Wyatt had thrown up in the car on the way there. :( Apparently two boys in his preschool class had gone home sick with strep that day. So they turned around and were quarantined for the next few days. Turned out both Wyatt and Stacey had strep throat. We were SO sad that they couldn't be with us and hated that we couldn't be there to help take care of them. THANKFULLY Debbie, Shelley and Cassie all sacrificed their time with the babies to take care of the sickies for us.

We face timed the boys the day before we came home and showed them Coyt and Crew and talked them through everything in our room, what the nurses were doing etc. Wyatt kept asking "Are they borned??" and Stacey would ask, "How are the babies feeling?" As the nurse was swaddling one of the boys and we were explaining Wyatt asked in a rather alarmed tone "Why are they swallowing the baby?" They couldn't get enough and we couldn't wait to introduce them to their brothers.

Obviously things didn't go the way we had planned them but it just made the first time our six pack was together that much sweeter.

Getting ready to meet The Bigs.
The boys were precious as they saw The Littles for the first time.

They couldn't wait to hold them.

All six of us. :)

I could not have felt more joyful or blessed having all the family together and soaking in Stacey and Wyatt as they took in Coyt and Crew.

They both suddenly seemed HUGE!! And so far from their days as my tini tiny babies. :)


Katy said...

What precious pictures!!!! Love the ones of the bigs holding the littles. so sweet. They look so proud! And what beautiful moments with y'all as a family of six for the first time. How blessed you are!! :)

Kristin said...

Just makes me cry looking at these precious pictures!!!! How blessed you guys are to have 4 wonderful, beautiful little guys!!! ...and no matter how big Stacey III is to you, he'll always be your first little babe. :)

Mindy said...

Hi friend! I rarely check blogs anymore (I'll get back to them soon), but I couldn't wait to come visit yours and see your precious baby boys! THEY ARE ADORABLE! Such perfect, precious little guys and I LOVE their names!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh just darling in every way!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. What an awesome family of six. SO very happy for you guys. God is good!!!

The Penuels said...

These pictures make me want to cry! Adorable!! I am so excited to meet those sweet babies :) I will give you a call in the next few days...maybe I can come sneak a peak & bring momma a Sonic drink soon!