Thursday, September 23, 2010

This & That

We are in full on back to school mode around here and after going from the nothingness of summer to Preschool, Bible Study, MOPS & soccer all in one fail swoop we're all a little weary from the abrupt change of routine. I haven't taken many pictures and therefore haven't had too much to blog about, but rest assured (because I am sure both my readers were up all night with worry about the lack of posts) all is well at the Smith house.

We put up the second crib this week (pictures to come someday) and nothing says I'm having twins like two huge beds in a tiny nursery. And nothing says I have 3 & 5 year old boys like Styrofoam from said crib packaging crushed into tiny pieces knee deep all over your house. Apparently they were farmers and crushed Styrofoam makes for some pretty good seeds. Sorry no pictures to prove it, but if my vacuum could speak!!

This picture was taken at our community group last week. Kristin should have her baby TOMORROW!!! We can't wait to meet Graham. And Julie is due three weeks after me. All BOYS - let the playdates begin.
And since this post really has no rhyme or reason, as previously mentioned we started soccer and Wyatt is playing for the first time this season and couldn't be happier about it. He had his first practice yesterday and totally rocked it!! I know I am biased but I could have just eaten him up in his tiny soccer gear. And he was so proud of himself.
You can expect many a soccer post to come as it consumes the next few months around here.


Katy said...

Firstly, you three charlie's angels look SUPER cute as pregos!! How fun that you're all having boys!

Second---we are in full soccer mode around here too. They are just too stinkin adorable in their gear!!!

The Junods said...

I'm one of the many readers on pins and needles. Been waiting and wondering wassup!? You mamas look beautiful. Can't wait to see anything having to do with the C's. 2 BEDS! Crazy! I want to eat that little Wy up too! I bet he gets after it! Love you!

Shannon said...

I have told you before.....your boys are going to be soccer STUDS! I have seen them in action over here! Love those three bellies full of boys! That is such a blessing!

angie said...

Wy-wy can bring the heat!!! I love that action shot. And about the little boys on the way, that picture is prec-ious!! You all look beautiful.
Oh and cracking up at you an Kristen as preggo wedding coordinators:), seeing you together is hilarious!