Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are we there yet?

We heard a lot of that this weekend as we headed to Lubbock to visit my grandmother, Nana, see the family and catch a little Red Raider football. Nana graciously put us up at the Embassy Suites, which was FANTASTIC and a huge treat for our family. THANK YOU NANA!

The boys were ecstatic and especially enjoyed the "transformer bed" that turned from a couch into a bed just like magic!
Good times with the cousins at Nana's
This was the first time I had seen my Mom and sisters since we found out the twins were boys and made their names official so they had a precious goodie basket full of treats times two including the boy's first monogrammed items, lovies with their names on them - so sweet!!
On Sat. night we had dinner at the 50 Yard Line a delicious local favorite that we've been eating at for special occasions in Lubbock for as long as I can remember.
After dinner Stacey and I decided to stop by Savannah Oaks, the apartments where we met, and show the boys where it all began.

Mommy's apt. (looking a little different than it did in my college days...but then again so am I - HA!!)
Daddy's apt.
10 years of marriage and four babies later, I'm still as crazy about this man as I was when I laid eyes on him for the first time at this very spot :)
Sunday was game day!!
This picture is deceiving due to the black I'm wearing but I have officially passed up Kacey who is due three weeks before me. It has been SO fun being pregnant together and sharing in all our excitement and aches and pains ;).
Raider Power! Nana even made it out for some traditional family photos on campus.

Get you guns up!!
We have always joked that Ally and Wyatt are our first set of twins and now they have one more thing in common, a little premature snaggle tooth. Ally's front tooth had been loose for awhile (the cause is still a mystery) and it finally decided to come out the last night of the trip.
I love Lubbock and have so many fond memories from my childhood and college days there.


angie said...

Great post!! I am cracking up at the Savannah Oaks pics---it reminds me of the first time Mark and I met Stacey!! HA! I love that little snaggle-tooth picture too:-). Great pictures, I'll be using some of the same ones for my post. Love you and our whole TTU lovin' family!

Shannon said...

What a great post! That picture of you and Stacey just made me smile and I love that you have two babies in your belly - while standing in front of the place you met -while kissing your husband! Really, just super sweet! You know when we are not cheering for the Bears we are cheering for Tech! Love you

Katy said...

Raider! Power! Love it! Mr. Sean would be very proud of this post!

How sweet that you went back to the same spot where you met! so sweet.