Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School!!

This morning marked the first day of preschool for Stacey and Wyatt. Lunch boxes were packed, clothes were laid out, prayers were said and glitter was sprinkled under their pillows (per the precious poem Mrs. Jerry handed out for the night before school started). After much anticipation and counting down it was finally here. It was pouring outside this morning so our photos were limited but as you can see these two were very excited!!
Wyatt, showing off his backpack. We cut Wyatt's hair last week and that combined with his tennis shoes and the fact that as of today he is officially a preschooler has him looking way to grown up for this mommy! But no one has ever been more ready for preschool than this little man.

Since the first day is drop off only, these pictures are from orientation.

Stacey and his teacher Mrs. Carol (a different Mrs. Carol from last year).
Since both boys are attending this year and obviously in different classes I needed an extra set of hands for orientation, thankfully Nannie filled in so that neither one had to go to their classroom alone.
Wyatt and his teacher Mrs. Bonnie
Wyatt's class is ALL BOYS!! Perfect for him, Stacey wanted to know why he couldn't have all boys in his class too. :) Mrs. Bonnie will have her hands full but she seemed totally up for the challenge.
As we were praying on the way to school this morning for their day and their teachers I was reminded of what a privilege it is and how incredibly blessed we are that both of our are boys get to attend such a wonderful christian preschool.

As for me on Tuesday Thursdays - anyone want to go to lunch?? Seriously not sure what to do with this gift of time, but I am soaking it up while it lasts.


Sarah said...

Pretty sure that time will fill up just fine come December! :)

And Wyatt looks WAY too old in those pictures...oh my goodness!

Woodbury Family said...

That is Wyatt??! I can't believe how old he looks!! I like the new hair cut, but I'm a little sad the locks are gone...:( Those boys look precious! I guess I can't expect for them to stay the same until we come back - ha!

shannonmichaelis said...

Wish we lived closer so I could meet up for lunch!

Wyatt looks so OLD with that haircut! Love that you go to such a great school! Tell Jerr Bear hello from us...

Shannon said...

Where did little Wyatt go? THAT BOY LOOKS SO GROWN UP all of a sudden! I cannot wait to show Brad his new big boy hair cut. (you know Brad might be a little mad that you cut the locks that he loved so much!) And, YES YES YES let's do lunch! I will have a little tag-a-long, but I cannot wait to spend some much needed time with my Terry!

The Junods said...

I wanna do lunch!!! UM...and can I please have Wyatt! I'm loving the haircut! Eat him up! And III looks so old too. Cutest little smile, he's sportin'. What fun to go to the same school. That's the part I love about having our boys close in age. Can't wait to hear how their days went. Sure wish my boys were there too!! That all-boy class sounds like a blast for Wyatt. Brooks would be jealous too. Miss you and love you. Go get a pedicure or take a nap!!

angie said...

Oh they look SO cute on their first day!! I love the tennis shoes, the backpacks and of course their precious smiles! I am so thankful that you get some much needed 'mommy time' before Crew and Coyt make their apperance!! I live that they get to go to such a great school---huge blessing!

Katy said...

Where did Wyatt man gooooooooo????????? I can't believe how old he looks! wow. But--he is just as cute with his new do fo sho. :)

And add me to the lunch sign up list! boo wish i could!!!

thirdly---if AM couldn't go to honey's school, then i would want her to be at miss jerry's! how great is that?? love it.

fourthly---SLEEP. ahem, SLEEP!!! and SHOP on those days off. so glad you get em!

Meg said...

i'm echoing katy, caryn...sleep sleep SLEEP!! lay on your left side and eat :). yep, that's it...eat and sleep!!