Wednesday, September 15, 2010

23 Weeks

Here I am at 23 weeks.

(my star photog - Stacey III at it again with the profile shot)
I had a checkup/sono yesterday and everything is looking great. I am growing at an incredible rate as the picture so clearly shows!! Crew and Coyt were very active measuring a little over a pound each and looked pretty perfect. All there measurements were right on track and the enlarged kidney from our previous appointment is much smaller now and within a healthy range so we are very thankful for that!! During the sonogram while measuring one of the babies the other would pop his head or hand in just to say hi, pretty hilarious. Like it or not they are buddies in those tight quarters.

I am feeling the boys kick all the time and all over, which I love! Today we could not only feel them from the outside but see them shaking things up as well.

I think my body has clued into the fact that there are two in there, what with the endless expansion, as well as a few more aches and pains usually reserved for further along the road - not complaining just commenting that I feel very pregnant (as evidenced by my difficulty in picking things up off the floor, getting off the couch, waddling etc.) for a mere 23 weeker ;). But, all in all I am still feeling great and getting more and more ready to meet these sweet babies!

I'll start going to the doctor every two weeks now. We'll keep you posted.


Meg said...

caryn!! you are bea-U-tiful!! and your boys are right at viability, too!! i know you still won't see them for a good while but i still thought that felt nice to know ;). so thankful they are looking perfect...such a unique joy...happy happy for you!!

Kacey said...

You look so great!!! I also love how good stace is getting at the pictures:) glad c squared is doing so well!!

Kylie said...

You look fantastic!

shannonmichaelis said...

C squared - this math girl loves that! You look great, belly and all. And how fun the boys are waving at you - maybe they are laughing at what's to come, winking at each other as they await to make their fun arrival. Love your personal photog!

Shannon said...

Terry - seriously, you are a stunning mommy to four boys! WOW! I loved the time I had with you today. Refreshed is how I felt as I left! We have to make little lunch dates more of a habit! I cannot wait until our dates are held on Weathered Rd. because I have to come get a Coyt and Crew fix! Yippee! Love you and love your 23week belly!

Katy said...

Ok, you know I LOOOVE these updates, but part of me is super sad that I cannot be there to hug your neck and talk IN PERSON! gah. miss that so much!! :(

Anyway, another part of me is tinged with jealousy that you're prego! I miss that so much too!!

Hug my C to the 2nd power nephews for me!!!! look BEAUTIMOUS! as always :)