Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girls Weekend @ Lake LBJ

Last week I got to spend a few days at my favorite place in the world, Lake LBJ, with some of my favorite people in the world, Shannon M., Katy, Shannon B., Lauren, Ann & Wendi.
Going to the lake house with all my girlfriends was a summer tradition all though high school so it was SO fun to be back there with these sweet friends and brought back countless memories. It was also fun to introduce Wendi, who came into my life after high school, to "our" lake.

The first night we had dinner at Lost Creek Vineyard just a few miles from Kingsland. Such a treat to have a nice meal out with no sweet babies vying for our attention.


(great minds think alike)

Thanks to Shannon M. this was waiting for us and I might have been as excited about the cookie cake as I was about seeing everyone ;).
My sweet Dad came down the second day just to take us out on the boat and let everyone ski - such a servant. It was just like we were 16 again...except not because we're 32 and all wives/mothers...oh and I'm pregnant with twins, but other than that just like 16.
Ski Team
The rest of the trip was spent in our usual fashion, swimming, lounging, laughing, chatting and staying up way to late, discussing our birth order and how it effects our personalities, aging, Doha vs. Dallas, toddler antics, "Bringing Up Girls", the strengths and weaknesses of Glee, The Bachelorette, Fireproof, blogs and other life-changing topics.

I might be a little biased based on the location, but I think it was one of our best girls weeks/weekends yet.


La Casa Chavez said...

Sweet to see all you perrrty high school friends there. Even I recall a few summers at Lake LBJ and honestly we drive by the house every summer when we're at Paula's mom's house....this year just last month! It is amazing and quite the blessing to still have those friendships all these years.

Kacey said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Glad you got to all feel 16:)

Katy said...

Agreed, CP! Think it may have been our best trip yet! Thank you SO much for letting us spend it at the lake. I can honestly say EVERY minute was heavenly! ;)

Shannon said...

I am going to agree with you....the best girls' weekend we've had thus far. I already have some ideas for our girls' weekend when we all turn 40 (just read a party blog last night and saw one with friends that have been doing since jr. high and high school...just like us!)

And about feeling 16 again....not so sure I would agree with that one. This bod has really felt 33 lately! Yikes!

shannonmichaelis said...

Amen on the best trip yet. Don't know what made it that way, but I loved it so. And my favorite closer photo tops off the post. Thanks again to your dad for carting us around all day! And for you for hosting us at the ole lakehouse. Maybe I will ski again at Lake LBJ before I'm 40...

angie said...

Oh what great pics!! Such a fun trip:-)