Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cousins Camp

Last week while I was enjoying some R&R at the lake with my girlfriends, my parents were hosting their four oldest grandkids to Cousins Camp. Stacey and Ryan got to experience this amazing week last summer so they were beyond excited about it. Wyatt and Ally were the newbies but they could tell by the enthusiasm of their siblings that Cousin's Camp was going to be AWESOME!!! And of course it was. My mom is totally in her element with themed days and a million activities to keep these kids entertained and learning and of course loving every minute of it.

Day one was "Discovery Day" compete with science experiments galore, homemade plato, art projects, the cousins camp memory verse, "Remember the wonders God has done." Psalm 105:5, a trip to the children's museum...and so much more!!

Day two was "Toy Story 3 Day" the kids got to play all sorts of Toy Story games, like Yahtzee and a brand new Toy Story Wii game, go to the movies with Honey and play outside in the water and on a Toy Story Slip-n-Slide!
Day three the last day was "Pirate Day" and these little mates got to paint their own pirate ships, pick out a custom pirate bandanna and of course got new swords for a sword-fight.

They wrapped up camp with an awards ceremony complete with medals for memorizing the week's verse and a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese where they got trade in all the coins they had collected throughout camp for good behavior and acts of kindness for real tokens!!!
Thank you Mom and Dad for loving on our kids so well and making memories that will no doubt last a lifetime, I have a feeling Cousins Camp will be a highlight of their summers for years to come!!

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Woodbury Family said...

so fun and creative!! :) looks like they had a blast! we sure miss those boys!! :)