Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waco Weekends

We spent the last two weekends (yes two in a row!) soaking up some quality time with family and friends in sweet home Waco Texas! Our original trip was for A Taste of Honey, the annual fundraiser for First Woodway Christian School. My mom is the principal and Angie coordinated the event so we had to bee (sorry) there to support all her hard work!

My camera was giving me some trouble (time for an upgrade??) so I didn't get to capture much of the event but it was a huge success!

Katy, AnnMarie (performing student!) Wyatt, Stacey & Me.
On Sat. we played at the Richland Fashion Mall (sorry not sure why the full name makes me laugh, but it does). This was basically a hurricane vending machine and the boys loved it!

While they were getting blown away I let Mom and Kacey What Not To Wear me at Forever 21.

Then, that night Honey and G.P. babysat for all five grandkids while the big kids went out on an early Valentine's date! Sweet.
Because I just hadn't had quite enough fun yet, and because Stacey was going to be at D-town (Watermark's Disciple Now) all weekend, and mostly because my high school girls turned Baylor sophomores (where does the time go!) were performing at Sing - the boys and I decided to have a repeat road trip and headed back to the land of...hum, not sure what Waco is the land of...other than the Richland Fashion Mall of course, for an encore weekend.

Luci, Meredith and Claire were stars at Sing and Mom and I had a great time critiquing and complimenting the acts. I was reminded that I'm old and my back hurts when I sit for 18 acts. Also a strong reminder of my age the fact that I could have gone to college twice since I was the age of the performers in those 18 acts!

On Sat. we took a perfect trip to the zoo with these two cuties,
and these two tough guys

Honey an GP with the boys.
That afternoon I got to have a rare play date with some of my high school girlfriends and our kids. Between four of us we had 10 kids there! Ann's sweeties, Caleb and Mabry were home sick and missed.

Payton was loving this ;).
A little better with the mommies.
Sat., night Kacey hosted us at her house for an early birthday dinner for Angie and I. Our birthdays are just two days apart so the joint celebration has become a bit of a tradition. Not sure how I missed getting a picture of the hostess with the mostess (sorry Kac!).

My personal shoppers took good notes and hooked me up with a slew of forever 21 (cough 31, cough almost 32) treasures.
Apparently the Bumbo is an ageless toy.

We finished the night with a long time personal favorite, Black Tie Mouse Cake from The Olive Garden. Yummy!
The big city doesn't have anything on this tasty treat. It's missing a few of my favorite people too. Which is why I'm always up for a Waco weekend.


angie said...

Great times sista! What do you mean Waco the home of what?...Panther Pride, Branch Davidans, tornado of 1953, The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, Dr. Pepper, awesomeness...oh, how I could go on and on-he he:-)I love these pictures of the cousins, and I loved getting to see you 2 weekends in a row. What a treat!

Katy said...

Um, I absolutely loved seeing you two weekends in a row!!!! :)

And I'll finish Angie's list...
home of the one and only David CROWDER, the best Ninfa's ever, first Suspension Bridge west of the Mississippi, home of Baylor University (which means you often have a chance to watch your Red Raiders play here), and drumroll please....home of the majority of the cracker toffee seven. ;)

The Junods said...

that post was packed and what fun yall had in waco. wish i had been there too. i guess angie and katy have some serious waco pride...that is impressive! i would be jumping in my car every chance i got to be in waco if i were you too!! lots of great reasons to go southbound.

Shannon said...

Amen on the reasons to go SOUTHBOUND 35! I love me some good weekends in Waco and there are times I wish I were there permanently! Love you and loved seeing you even if it had to happen out of town! Let's do a birthday dinner soon to celebrate the big 32!

shannonmichaelis said...

Um, I want to be there! How fun is all of that! And come on, you know that 21 was your absolute favorite year of your life, therefore setting in stone to be 21 "Forever". Let me know when the next playdate occurs so that maybe I can show my face back in the hometown. Enjoyed seeing all the kids!