Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Green Birthday

My sweet husband turned 34 on Thursday and we had a very fun weekend celebrating his 34th year!! I got a little inspiration from this post that I saw on this blog so he woke up to this birthday greeting.
as well as a handful of these happy faces around the house :)
and a birthday breakfast of a fruit smoothie and a jalapeno bagel adorned with the birthday honoree himself.
He was so pleased he was even willing to pose for this photo!!
He opened a few little gifts: the book Peace Love & BBQ and his original creation of a quarterbacks wristband play list thingy turned handy recipe reference wristband.
No doubt it will soon be all the rage on the championship BBQ circuit!
We went out to dinner Thursday night just our little family to celebrate at Celebration (Stacey wasn't feeling as photo friendly, so we gave the camera a rest). On Sat. night Big and Nannie kept the boys and I showed my devotion to my man by accompanying him to watch the pay-per-view UFC event (Ultimate Fighting for you novice readers). Then Sunday we enjoyed a lunch date just the two of us! What a treat!

But the real par-tay was scheduled for Super bowl Sunday. We met up at Shelley & Geoff's house with the Smith fam and finally it was time for the big green reveal. Nannie had cleverly wrapped up all sorts of sweet meats for Stacey to unwrap. The last gift was an apron and...a Big Green Egg!!! According to the box it is the world's best smoker and grill.
We went out to the garage to check it out as well as the nest and and eggccessories (seriously that is what they are called!).
You can't read the card, but both sides of the family had gone in together for the eggstra (sorry I can't help myself) special gift.
Then it was time for the big game and tons of great party food! Debbie brought a plethora of new magazines, one of the many little treats she provides making her the best Mother-In-Law ever! And Shelley made Strawberry Whoopie Pies that were AMAZING and so cute - wish I had a picture. We also had a few more floating Stacey heads to round out the big green birthday.
Happy Birthday Stacey. We love you so much and are so glad that you are ours! Hope you had a super 34th Birthday


Shannon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BIG STACEY!!! Love the birthday banner and all the Stacey heads. You are a super wife!

angie said...

Me too! I love all the Stacey creative! I hope you knock it out of the park with the Green Egg!

Katy said...

um i am cracking up at all the stacey heads floating around! why does his smiley face make me laugh so? funny. miss y'all and birthday hugs to big stacey from the svobodas!!!!!!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

this post was so funny that i had derek read it to get a chuckle. the photoos of stacey all over the place are making me shake uncontrollably. hilarious! and the big green egg - never heard of such a thing. happy bday stacey!