Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Quotes

This morning in a VERY rare departure from my norm, which usually involves the boys dragging me out of bed with some dramatic story of pending starvation, I was out of bed enjoying breakfast and the beautiful white scenery before they were up. So, as soon as I heard them start to stir I couldn't wait to show them what had happened while they were sleeping!!

Stacey was full of excitement and ideas.

"I would like a white breakfast since it is snowing and then maybe we could watch a Christmas movie!?" I'm creating a monster.

"Mom, a long time ago you said it didn't snow very much in Texas, but, it did snow - A LOT in Texas today!" Bu-ya - in my face.

"I wish I was bigger so that I could ski. I would put on my skis and then go to the park and ski down the slide on my skis. That would be awesome." I foresee a lot of trips to the ER in our teen years.

"Mom, I think this morning you woke us up because you just couldn't wait to show us the snow." Busted.

We piled on some layers (Stacey left his coat at school Tuesday so don't worry that the one he is wearing is about two sizes to small) and headed out to enjoy the snow!!

Thank you God for these two precious boys and for February ;)


Laura said...

Those quotes are PRICELESS!!

Shannon said...

I Love It! Wasn't it the best day ever! Can't wait to post pictures from our snow day as well. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW which means more snow time for us! Yippee!

shannonmichaelis said...

what came first, the chicken or the egg? white breakfast and a chirstmas movie? is he your kid or what?

Katy said...

LOVE it! You are going to have the BEST pictures to look back at one day. Your boys are so cute! PLEEEEEEEEEASE send some of that snow this way!!!!

angie said...

Those quotes are so awesome...and the pictures are GREAT!