Monday, March 1, 2010

32 Years Young

Yesterday was my birthday - woo hoo!! Big and Nannie kept the boys on Sunday night so that Stacey and I could enjoy the day/evening out and about. Here's a little visual collage of Sunday and Monday.
Not too shabby huh!

If you're thinking one of these things does not belong ie: Home Depot. I've been wanting some blinds for our front window so that was one of my birthday treats. And, since I finally decided on a theme for Wyatt's birthday we also collected a few goodies for his construction party.

And just in case you thought that was Stacey and I caught in a in a steamy embrace in the rain (because I know how everyone is always getting us confused with our obvious doppelgangers Channing Tatum and Amanda Sayfried) my man took me to see Dear John. If you know him at all you know nothing could speak more to his sacrificial love for me, as he would have rather laid in traffic than see it. But, nothing could stand in the way of my happiness on my birthday.
Good times!

I'll leave you with this birthday pearl of wisdom shared with me by the always optimistic III.

Stacey: Mommy, how old are you?
Me: I am 32 years old.
Stacey: I know how many years old you are but how many years young are you?
Me: Well, I guess I am 32 years young too!!

I love that kid!

Here's hoping 32 is a phenomenal year.


Tina & Scott said...

Happy one-day-late Birthday, Caryn! Looks like it was a super fun one, spent w/your man!!!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you had a fabulous day! And love that little insight by Stacey! Precious

Kacey said...

That Stacey III! SO wise:) Looks like you had a great birthday weekend! I really do think that you look a lot like the girl in the movie! Wierd? Love you and I am so glad that you are my big sis!!

Katy said...

Looks like you had a mighty fine birthday, Miss Cary!!! :) All of those things sound great!!

shannonmichaelis said...

For the record, Derek took one for the team and saw that movie as well and really liked it. SO you never know, the next time you hear a clap of thunder, go run outside f=with your man and give him a big ole smooch. And just so you know, the book doesn't end so nicely...

Happy 32 years young!

angie said...

Looks like the perfect bday to me!!! We just landed back in Tejas and I will call you tomorrow-maybe one of the longest days ofmy life. I love you and I hope you have a FANTASTIC year!

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

You crack me up with your dopplegangers! LOVE it! Looks like you had a great day and it definitely included things I would want for my birthday too!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Please forgive any clarical errors that might occur for those that do not proofread their comments before hitting the send button! Yikes!

Shannon said...

WAY TO GO BIG STACEY! Look at him! Looks like you guys had such a great time. I still owe you that b-day lunch. R was back at dr. today and now has walking pneumonia! UGH! How about Thursday for lunch at the mall? Friday night is out for us. Landon's baseball practice got moved to that day due to the rain today. Love you!