Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated Stacey III turning 4 1/2!!! I'm always up for a party, but we don't usually celebrate half birthdays around here. However, since Stacey has a summer birthday he gets to have an un-birthday at school and we thought January would be the perfect time to do it since he is officially four and a half this month.

At the last minute I decided it would be a fun to celebrate at home too!

We started the day off with streamers, which is really all you need to delight these boys and a half birthday breakfast. Half a nutrigrain bar, half a banana and half a waffle. Such little effort, such huge excitement.
Then we played "find the other half" a game I invented on the fly. I just cut paper in half in different patterns and then Stacey matched up each piece with its' missing half.
Mission accomplished. Why Yes, funny you should ask, Dad did pick out their jammies. :)
Then the half birthday boy was off to preschool, but we showed up with a special lunch from Chick-a-lay.

Wyatt anxiously awaiting the arrival of the class.
The birthday boy finally arrived and was really excited to see his special guests!!
Stacey told me on Tuesday in his most serious voice, "Mom, I don't think you get to wear the birthday crown if it's just your fake birthday." I assured him I had talked to the officers in charge of the birthday crown and he would in fact get to wear the coveted hat - fake birthday or not.

His sweet little class praying, I love all the peeking eyes.
Even Daddy got to be there to celebrate!!

This is the life.
Then it was time for cake and if you've been reading long you know how we like to role, cookie cake of course. :)
We sang happy birthday and Stacey blew out his four and a half candles.
Mrs. Carol Stacey's precious teacher. She is just wonderful!!!
We slipped out after lunch with the four and a half year old for a special half birthday errand. That morning I had smuggles William and Batman puppy in the back of the car (which thrilled the boys) and decided to go cash in the gift cards Santa brought and get them each a new outfit.
After careful consideration we now have a race car driver and a football player.
Not sure what the law has to say about strapping a stuffed monkey to your child, but William's safety was all I was really concerned about.
After a fun filled half birthday day we wrapped things up with a birthday dinner including half a birthday hat. ;)
Even our newly made-over friends enjoyed the festivities.Happy Half Birthday Stacey!! This was the best fake birthday I've ever celebrated and I have a feeling it won't be the last.


angie said...

What a fun day!! Happy 4 and a half day:-).

Kacey said...

What fabulous 1/2 birthday ideas mom!!! as a summer bday girl myself, this special day is just getting it's start! I bet he loves many more of them in the future:) looks like one HAPPY boy! (and monkey)

Stacey said...

Perfect! Sweet Stacey looks so happy. What a handsome boy.

I've been thinking we might do some half birthday celebrations for Dayton since she's a Christmas baby...even though that would be right in the middle of summer, not during school. If we do, you can bet I'll be stealing some ideas from you!

The Junods said...

Oh my word...this is unbelievable and such an incredible "CARYN" idea! I love the breakfast 1/2s. What a fun day at school and after. Mom told me about it before I saw the blog. You are super mom. Those boys are so blessed. Sure miss you!!

Jenny said...

Gosh you make me look like such a dud for a mother, but that's okay b/c now I can improve my skills and just steal your ideas!
How special are those boys to have you making so many memories for them...way to go, you're getting my mother of the year award.

Shannon said...

Yep....Mother of the Year is right! That is just what you are. Caryn, those two boys are so lucky to have you as their mommy! The sweet, creative things you do for them are examples for all of us! Please give the "birthday boy" a special kiss from us!

shannonmichaelis said...

Several things: Did not even catch the "1/2 breakfast" until Wendi's comment. Thought Stacey was your Stacey and with the December Dayton comment thought you were prego and I am finding out over a blog post. The half of a hat, the cookie cake, the streamers, all of it. Stinking hilarious. I feel like I need to go back and look at the post to catch all the things I missed!infil