Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Wyatt

On Tuesdays and Thursdays while Stacey is in school Wyatt and I get some great one on one time together. We run lots of errands, but when we're not doing that (and of course while we're doing that!) I love getting to soak up every precious second with this little guy.

He's pretty hilarious, and I know I am biased, but trust me you just can't help but fall in love with him. ;)

I pack a lunch for Wyatt, per his very adamant request, while I am packing Stacey's on school days. And even though he doesn't need one, it makes him VERY happy to carry it around and it has come in handy lots of times when we are out and about and we decide to have an impromptu lunch date. Which we did today.

Wyatt I love you so much and I LOVE getting to spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays with you. You've informed at least once a day since we turned in your registration last week that "I get to go to schoo like Stace next year!" And while I can't wait for you to get to experience all the greatness of pre-school, I am going to miss my little buddy on days like this!


Shannon said...

PRECIOUS PRECIOUS WYATT!!! There is no NOT falling in love with that boy. He is just edible!

Kacey said...

I just wish I could be there too to play with the little comedian:)

The Junods said...

I can hardly get enough and know the exact feeling! The humor, the affection and borderline grown-up is heaven on earth. These pics are adorable. So glad you're soakin' it up. I must know what on earth happened to get that black eye in the Watermark pic? Miss yall!

angie said...

Sweetness! That Wyatt is too cute! I love that precious time one on one, it just flies by so you are so right to soak it up! I also love the amazing rock climber and his cute outfit:-). Looks like a very fun celebration.

Katy said...

Ah! Don't make me cry with this post! :)
And--no, you can't help but fall in love with that little man!