Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Y-E-L-L-O-W Yellow!!!

If you're not beaten down by our color days yet then dive in with us for YELLOW DAY!!

We started the morning with a yellow breakfast of scrambled eggs (a rare departure from the zombie nutrigrain bar that I'm usually giving out to buy me a little time as I slowly come out of the fog in the morning) bananas and pineapple/orange juice.
Then it was on to lemon paintings. We used lemons as our paintbrushes...oooo...ahhhh.

Then we got on our yellow clothes (III asked me if we were going to church :) Nope we just don't have a whole lot of yellow) and made yellow collages. This was probably my favorite activity today, it was easy and held their attention longer than most things. Because of the boys ages I had already cut out lots of yellow stuff for them to pick from, but they chose what they wanted and glued everything on with a glue stick. They were both very opinionated and particular about what they chose and where they wanted it. Stacey also picked out the letters Y-E-L-L-O-W for both collages.
The night before I had hidden six yellow pears around the house for the boys to find. This was no doubt III's favorite activity all day. He wanted to hid and find them over and over and over. You just never know what they are going to like. He kept saying, "Where are dos pears, they sure are tricky." Later he told me, "The reason I am so good at that pear game is cause I love it." Um, and I love you!!
When I was picking up a few things at the store for this day I spotted these yellow marshmallows. My boys are CRAZY for marshmallows so I figured I could incorporate them somewhere. We made a marshmallow and pineapple skewer snack (reminiscent of our fourth of July ones). They had one for a snack and I made some to save for lunch.
you are my sunshine's...my only sunshine's...
Lunch consisted of the pineapple & marshmallow skewer, applesauce, a grilled cheese sunshine sandwich and Squirt - aww refreshing.
I had thought about renting Ol' Yeller, but figured I might scar them for life so we went with the less rabiesish, but still yellow, Wow Wow Wubbsy instead.
We couldn't have yellow day without making yellow cupcakes, I mean it says yellow right on the box!!
We iced them with lemon icing and turned them into sunshine cupcakes with candy corns, followed by a deep dark sugar coma
I printed out a Yellow Things Booklet just like blue day as well as a connect the dots for III.
Clearly there is NO career for me in food photography, because this meal really didn't look as bad as it does in this picture! We had mac & cheese (we do occasionally feed our children things other than macaroni and cheese - occasionally), corn on the cobb, pineapple flavored jello jiggler stars and lemonade. The lemon garnish in the boys cups proved to be very distracting so don't try that at home.
We finished the night fishing for yellowtail snapper (is that a real fish?) in our color day appropriate yellow bathroom. Who knew that the yellow tile bathroom that was on the, "Oh we'll just re-do that immediately" list when we bought the house, yet sits untouched four years later, would be the perfect finale for Yellow Day :)!
Stacey will start preschool after labor day so I'm not sure how many more color days we'll be squeezing in this summer, but you just never know when I'll get the hankerin' for all things green, or purple, or orange or... :)

You knew it was coming...
(tune of If You're Happy & You Know It)
Y-E-L-L-O-W, yellow
YELLOW (shout it)
Y-E-L-L-O-W, yellow
YELLOW (shout it)
Like the Early Morning sun
when the day is just begun
Y-E-L-L-O-W, yellow
YELLOW (shout it)


Sarah said...

love it!! as always :)
and good news. . .i found the abc/color cd for the boys during my move!

shannonmichaelis said...

does it count that i am making scrambled eggs with egg whites, cheese, and yellow onions while reading this? should i post about a yellow day at the michaelis house? :-) as always, i am stunned by the creativity. i know justin would LOVE to be a part of the smith household these days....

angie said...

My favorite one yet! Nice art work boys. And who knew the yellow food would be so delicious, my kids would love everything you made. You hit it out of the park with Y-E-L-L-O-W. Ally wants to come for the next color day:-).

Shannon said...

Yep....once again...Caryn doesn't disappoint! I agree with Angie - Yellow Day has been my favorite day thus far. Seriously, you make the rest of us look bad! :-)

Wendi Junod said...

Seriously...can we have sign ups to have our kids come over on those color days! The creativity is crazy for yellow! So so cute and such a great way to teach your kids and interact with them too. Add this to your future book and get your resume ready to go work for my mom!!

Kacey said...

forget the kids, I want to come to color day! Just kidding:)