Monday, August 24, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees

My sweet friend Wendi, who I have blogged about before, that resides in Doha has been back in Texas for the summer. And we have been soaking up as much of her and her boys (Brooks & Barrett, affectionately the "Bees") as we possibly can before they head back to the desert in a few weeks. We also got to see Nick while he was in town - as well as all these fun folks: Kristin & Kieth, Shannon & Brad, Me & Stacey, Shea & Eric, Wendi & Nick.
One night Shannon hosted us for dinner and the crowd pleasing build your own sundae for dessert. Here is the whole posse.
Brooks stuck with plain vanilla while Stacey threw the less is more theory to the wind and created this. Yikes!
Then, last week we got to keep Brooks and Barrett one evening. It seems like our boys are usually keeping us on our toes with the same interests, milestones or mischief so it was especially fun for us to have them all four together. And, after several play dates the last few weeks they were finally buddies instead of strangers.

We did a little painting. We were technically using the trucks as the paintbrushes and leaving tracks, but it was really more of a freestyle.
Stacey was in his I'm so excited and I don't know how to express it other than to be loud and act weird mode for the beginning of the evening, I think this picture says it all. He eventually reigned it back in. I'm hoping by high school the loud + weird = excited will have somehow been resolved. If not it may be a rough 4 years. :)
Then we hit the sprinklers.On your mark, get set....GO!! Big brothers Stacey and Brooks were always a little faster out of the blocks then their slower shadows Wyatt & Barrett.

We pulled out all the finest in culinary cuisine for the distinguished pallets of our refined guests.

We are going to be missing us some Bees when they're gone :(. But, we'll be looking forward to their next visit to big D!!!


angie said...

That picture of III excited had me rollin':-). I am so thankful that you got to soak up some Bees and spend some quality time with Wendi as well. BTW I can see you with 4 boys-totally!!!

Wendi Junod said...

OH my gosh!! I can't get enough! I love those pictures and all that fun those 4 boys had! I can't thank you enough. Not just for letting them stay with you but for some serious entertainment! You are awesome and I'm afraid you might be a little too good with 4 boys. Love you ALL so so much and couldn't be more blessed by the time we were able to spend together this summer!

Shannon said...

Ummm, yes...I am seeing more boys in your future! :-) Love this post and love that we have been apart of the Junods visit here. Can't wait for next week!

shannonmichaelis said...

love the cars painting tracks - genius! so fun with lots of boys - who would have thunk it that you would be so great with the little testosterones running around? love the cuisine for dinner as well....