Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hawaiian Falls

Yesterday we got to return to Hawaiian Falls with our friends Karla, Noah & Haley for Maui Moms Monday (great discount). We went once earlier in the summer but chose the one rainy day in the middle of endless 100 degree days so it was a little chilly and we ended up running for cover in the storm. Thankfully, yesterday was sunny and beautiful. The above monstrosity has lots of great slides that the boys could go on all by themselves. That, plus a wave pool and "mushroom" pool were all perfect for our guys. III still can't pick a favorite because, as he says, they were ALL his favorites!!!

Noah & Stacey were like fish swimming and playing nonstop. I think they would have closed down the park if exhaustion (and the nap needs of some little siblings) hadn't finally set in.
We can't wait to go back next summer!


Woodbury Family said...

Looks like fun! I think Brylie would love that next summer! :)

angie said...

What an awesome water park. We'll have to plan a cousin day next summer and all go. Great pictures of my precious nephews!!