Friday, August 14, 2009

Potty Time!

WARNING: If you're not a mother of a soon to be, or recently potty trained or training child you're probably not going to give a flip and perhaps may even be offended by the TMI nature of this post so consider yourself warned. That said I know I'm always curious how other do it so here's you go.

On a bit of a whim we decided to start potty training with Wyatt this week. Stacey (husband, just in case you were worried I was being bullied by my 4 year old) has been suggesting for awhile that we should give it a try, but Wyatt hasn't shown much interest and I was putting it off as long as possible. But, we had a wide open week on our calendar and in a few short weeks things will get much more scheduled so I couldn't deny any longer that this was as good a time as any to give it a try.

I reviewed the three day potty training method. I know it takes much longer than this, but it's just the pep talk I need and I try to honor most of its methods for the first three days. At the very least to gage where we were and commit to giving it my all this week. And as a rule follower by nature I like having a little instruction guide.

Wyatt woke up to a potty present!! I love gifts and getting it ready for him helped me get excited (well as excited as you can get about potty training) too. I told the boys it was Potty Day!!! which thrilled them. I think they were envisioning more of a fun filled Color Day, but actually it was all about potty training - sorry to disappoint. There were a few prizes and slushies involved so it wasn't all bad.

The potty present, just in case you care, contained a new potty seat (the one we used with Stacey is MIA, I turned the house and garage upside down to no avail and finally just bought a new one - boo), lots of underwear (all III's hand-me-downs - I know it looks like a lot but we used every single pair on day one), a potty book (I'm usually not a fan of these, due to my aversion to all things potty and overly graphic photos, but this one is sweet and simple and accept for the highly annoying flushing button I recommend it. Wyatt likes me to read it to him while he is on the potty and both boys can pretty much quote the whole thing after the 1,820 times we've read it this week. I got it for 1/2 off at TJ Max and they have a girl version too), and jelly beans (or belly-jeans to Wyatt), his sweet reward for getting it done.
He was thrilled.

We also "threw away" all the diapers together. Don't worry, I would no more throw away a twenty dollar bill than discard of perfectly good unused diapers, but it was symbolic. And you know how much Wyatt appreciates symbolism. :)
So really there was nothing left to do but take the plunge (that's a little potty humor for you).

Schedule cleared - check
Potty present given - check
All rugs and bath mats rolled up for safekeeping - check
Variety of new and exciting drink options purchased - check
Clorox wipes plentiful and accessible - check
Patience at an all time high - praying for it

I want to show you some pics of his precious bum in his tiny briefs but here are a few G rated ones from his new perch.
Good times.

We're still in the early stages, but so far he is doing great and although he has had his fare share of misses he has also earned many a belly jean. Way to go Wyatt - keep up the good work!!!
As for me, I'm pretty excited to leave the house after a week of lock down. Just to keep myself sane I did make one quick trip to wally world to restock our supply of overpriced individually packaged drinks that are keeping Wyatt (and Stacey by default) excited about the abnormally high liquid intake. And even though that was thrilling, I'm still feeling pretty detached. Did wearing your keys around your wrist with a janitorialish stretchy cord in order to be hands free happen to get cool this week??
No? Too bad.

Happy Training!!

(you can probably tell by the length and rambling nature of this post, I am in desperate need of some adult interaction!!)


angie said...

Way to go Wyatt!!! I am SO proud of you. Caryn I am also so proud of you. Taking the plunge takes some patience, lots of messes and usually an intervention from the Lord, so way to go! Here's hoping Stacey takes you out on the town tonight:-).

Woodbury Family said...

Yay Wyatt!! Caryn, I hope it gets easier - I'm couting on you for tips when it's Brylie's turn! We have the girl version of that book :)

Katy said...

Hey-super cool key bracelet, CP. I've gotta run out and get one a those. :) (just in case everyone out there thinks I'm being mean---Caryn and I have already laughed about this thing) haha
belly jean? PRECIOUS.
Way to go for attempting the potty training! Just think===2 kids down, and no diapers. What a great goal you have just within your reach! :)
Hang in there!

shannonmichaelis said...

i am still in shock that my old friend caryn would ever write a post with potty humor in it. it all changes when your house is overrun by boys! way to be ahead of the game - nice tips for those of us about to start in a few weeks (or days, take your pick). we too own hand-me-down undies that we will be sporting soon. i was literally going to find that three day potty training thing today - thanks for saving me a step! see you in some adult convo on wednesday!

thesheps said...

I loved this post!!! You ...again... are the best mom ever!! You need to write a book!