Monday, February 9, 2009

Wyatt's Weekend

Don't you worry, while III and I were in Waco hanging with the cousins Wyatt was getting some hang time with Daddy and good lovin' from another cousin, Miss Brylie, or Bye-lee as Wyatt calls her (Thanks for the pictures and all your help over the weekend Shelley!). They are so cute together and seem to really enjoy each others company.
Enjoying some toys and accessories that our one gender home doesn't have. Brylie sucks her fingers so whenever Wyatt is around her he mimics her.
Snuggle bugs! 
Wyatt also got to do a lot of playing with his #1 fan, Daddy. Here is some footage of the budding soccer star making some "GOALS!!" as well as a few other discoveries.


angie said...

Oh that Wyatt, I just love watching him!! That video is precious, good job Stacey! Sweet:)

Wendi Junod said...

I really thought I was watching a video of Barrett. They look a lot alike except Barrett's a shorty. Nick loved the video too. We need a goal. Great pics of the girly accessories too.

Katy said...

Um, you better watch out because I just might come steal that little precious angel right out of his "nest" one night while you're not looking!!!!!!! I mean he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. When he holds his hands up and says, "goal"---omg so adorable. hmmm do i need a little boy in my family?????? :)

Shannon said...

I could eat that kid up! Let's make some plans to get together in the next couple of weeks. I am good to go! :-)