Monday, February 9, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

This weekend III and I went to Waco while Daddy and Wyatt stayed here in Dallas (more on their weekend to come). We decided to divide and concur and get a little one on one time with our guys. My sister Angie was in charge of the annual Taste of Honey, the school fundraiser for FBC Woodway Christian School, where my Mom is the director. The event was a huge success and Angie did a GREAT job on everything including the food, decorations and auction. 

Ally and Stacey enjoying some treats from the chocolate fountain - Yummy.

The Warren's were also going to be in town so we got the added bonus of seeing sweet Lila!!
Angie and I have birthday's coming up Feb 26th and March 1st, but since we were all together we celebrated a little early with presents and pedicures - Thanks Mom!!. Cookie cake is one of my FAVORITE things ever! Check out the Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle candle - HA!
We also got to visit with our friends the Svoboda's who I miss terribly!! This is Stacey and AnnMarie on Sunday morning, they weren't to up for posing at my impromptu photo shoot, but they are pretty cute regardless.
We love spending time with my family and these sweet cousins who both the boys absolutely adore. I think Ally may have wanted to sit in Stacey's lap too. :)
I loved having my little man all to myself, and it was nice to not have to referee all weekend. For the most part he was a delight but I just assume that when he has my undivided attention we won't have any issues so when he woke up from his nap in a foul mood on Sat. and threw a fit about getting dressed on Sunday morning I was reminded that sometimes my expectations are a little out of whack. He is a three year old little boy (even though his emotions are more like that of a 16 year old girl sometimes!) and discipline will always be  part of the equation. 
I know it is hard to imagine that sweet little face needing discipline. :)

Thanks for a GREAT weekend!


Wendi Junod said...

sweet cousins! looks like fun with everyone. what a treat to travel with one. cute pix of baby payton too. thanks again for keeping me updated.

angie said...

Sweetness! I cracked up at the TMNT candle again:) only Honey would have that. I am so glad that you were able to come down this weekend, Love hanging with the sisters! thank you again!!!