Sunday, November 4, 2012

Once upon a time...

There were three little pigs and one big bad wolf. :)

We brainstormed about a million ideas for our foursome and landed on this. Surprisingly the bigs weren't too opinionated about what they wanted to be this year and were all about a group costume. I tried to keep things homegrown and not spend much $$ and you can tell!! :) But, I thought they turned out pretty cute.

We got together with all the cousin's at Honey and GP for dinner before heading to FBC Woodway's Fall Festival.
And then we thought we'd snap a few pictures of the bride, the flamingo, the football player the cheerleader, the football and the three little pigs and big bad wolf...but two of those little pigs and one precious pink flamingo had other ideas!

Pitiful piggy turning on the waterworks.
Can you feel the fun?

Honey and GP tried to help.
The cousin's tried to help.
But it was NOT happening.
Thankfully others were feeling much more photogenic. :)

The wood's.
The blushing bride.
And the 3rd little piggy and Big Bad Wolf! Ignore the lame photo prop, I was trying to make wind, but forget for a second I'm not a professional photographer. :)
Just a little dramatic.
But oh this precious edible little five-year-old piggy!! Sigh.

First of all, I could not believe he was all about being a pig for Halloween?

Although I love the boys all being something coordinated for Halloween I was fully prepared to let that slide in favor of whatever they felt passionate about being, knowing they are past the age of not knowing or caring. But Wyatt told me it was cool, because in the end he beats the big bad wolf with his brick house so he's really tougher than the wolf. :) Whatever makes it work for ya buddy!
Speaking of that wolf. Poor Stacey's costume was a wee bit lame, but don't tell him he thought it was great. In a last ditch effort to give him a little more oomph we added the "paws" otherwise known as giant werewolf hands. Oh my.

Once we arrived at the Fall Fest all the torture of pictures was made right with a little sugar and fun times in the 'four and under' section.
This particular game had several doors they could choose from with candy behind each one. Coyt decided to just walk around back and retrieve all the candy sans the hassle of opening a door so when Crew played he opened his door to...
 Yep, Coyt, about to snag his candy prize. ;)
 A Dum Dum tree? oh my stars - jackpot!!
 Sucker? Good. Wrapper? Good
Wait, am I wearing a hat?
 I see your empty stick. And I see you eyeing my dum dum. Don't get any big ideas piggy.
Of course, once we were home those little stinkers couldn't wait to put on the rest of their little piggy get up,
 and get down on the farm!!
 Ha, you're a pig! No you're a pig! No you are!
 Pig attack. :)
 Let's see got to get this past my snout...?
And the next morning was more of the same...but this time somebody thought he might like to be the BIG BAD WOLF. :)

OH my stars I could have eaten that little wolfy right up!


And after all that practice on Halloween night ALL the characters were ready to participate...and even take a few pictures!


 Let me in little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!!
Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins!!

Wolf is going down.

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