Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turkey Trot 2012

Hi there bloggy blog!! Sorry we've been MIA, but a broken camera, slow computer and memory issues with blogger have kept me from getting on here and updating with ease...not to mention the four monkeys we are attempting to raise ;)...but, without further ado (hopefully, still working out the kinks on the memory issues) a few events from our November...

The Turkey Trot is a highlight for our boys every year. And they left this year telling me it might have been the best day ever so I'd say it was a HUGE success. Thanks for all the pictures Ang!!

We started off with a presentation from Stacey's first grade class of the Thanksgiving story - precious and perfect!!

Then we headed into the fellowship hall for some bible verses recited by memory and Thanksgiving songs. Stacey III would never admit it, but I think he actually likes music.

Then we enjoyed lunch together before heading to the actual trot.

Nannie had my babies and oh what a treat to get to just sit and watch instead of juggling the Cs.

This duo is just too sweet for words. Ally & Wyatt
 Lunch with the boys!
 GP and his Bigs.
Then it was time to R.U.N!! Ryan and Stacey ran in the three mile race and take this stuff pretty seriously!

As do we, obviously. ;) Stacey had to "run" back to work while we cheered on our runners.
Stacey III finishing his race...with his Mom watching quietly from the sideline...hehe can't help myself. 
A few other cheerleaders cheering him on.
He finished in 5th place (in the whole school!!) and first place in his division. I can't explain how proud I feel when the boys cross the finish line!! And not because they are amazing runners, which they are, but it just makes me so proud to see them trying their best and giving it their all. Proud Mommy moment!!
Wyatt opted to do the one mile and finished in FOURTH place!!!! Again, SO proud!!!

Run Wyatt Run!!
They get a Turkey Trot token at the finish line, which lots of kids wear on their backpacks, and Wyatt was SUPER excited to get his first one!!
 A few sweet running buddies.
Phew, these guys were worn out!!
Another great Turkey Trot and a great kick off to our Thanksgiving.

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