Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!

And the Lego gang was ready to celebrate!

Sidebar: I have to brag on my nephew Ryan. He has been a legomaniac for years and recently, all on his own, went through all his "guys" and hand-me-downed a whole slew of them to Wyatt and Stacey. Hence the hefty crew.
Good morning sunshine!

A few family gifts, Legos from Stacey, a Cars II car from Coyt and Crew and Basketball Camp this summer from Mommy and Daddy.
Five gifts for the five-year-old from Honey and GP.

Wyatt is pretty fun to give gifts to. He is excited about any and everything and easy to please.

Wyatt later told me he that he didn't really like these jammies because they have so much yellow (signaling to all the yellow) and he doesn't really like a lot of yellow (signaling again), and had I forgotten that he doesn't really like a lot of yellow (signal)?

Five waffle. (I think we deserve a refund on this haircut - yikes :)!!). All the yellow in this photo would probably really upset him!
The boys kept saying, "Who made this sign???" We jokingly told them the Lego guys must have made it overnight and I they bought it hook line and sinker, until I finally told them I had made it. "How did you make that Mom, I mean did you get our Legos out of our room and find all those right colors?" So precious to me that they were so baffled and impressed.
A few new friends. We always say Wyatt doesn't have hands he has paws. LOVE THESE PAWS!!
Oh Wyatt, you are so all things four-year-old that it is hard for me to believe you are 5!!
Wyatt requested donuts with Baylor sprinkles for his special birthday snack at school. Not going to lie it was a little hard for this Red Raider to bring Baylor donuts, but on his birthday his wish is my command. :)

He picked Batman plates and napkins but thought we might should get Hello Kitty ones for the girls. Sweet thing, I assured him they would be OK with Batman for his birthday.
Stacey and I got to have a special lunch date with just our Wy-Guy at Schmaltz's. Daddy was these too but the picture is MIA.

Rice was the dinner of choice, so rice it was. I am realizing that the day revolved around meals but such is life. He decided about half way through that the veggies had to go, but otherwise a hit!
And as if he hadn't made the day easy enough he wanted another donut instead of a special birthday dessert. One more round of happy birthday to wrap up his 5th birthday.

Wyatt we love you so much and are so thankful that God saw fit to make you a part of this family. We can't wait to see what year five has in store for you!!!

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Kristin said...

Baylor donut...I'm liking what I'm hearing. :)