Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Q & U Say I DO

Last week I was cordially invited to a beautiful wedding uniting Mr. Q and Miss U.

The happy couple. I love the random magazine face on Mr. Q - HA!
I forgot my camera, so I just snapped a few phone pictures at the reception. Yes, there was a reception. Mrs. Purdy (AKA Honey) officiated the ceremony and I wish I had captured Stacey's face as he walked the isle with he partner, a precious little girl from his class. He was so embarrassed - but so cute!! All the kindergarten pairs made their way down the isle in their Sunday best with their Q & U people in had. Then they repeated vows to make words together forever.

Q&U words made the perfect table decor.
Honey serving up some wedding cake. Two Moms made those beautiful cakes, they were seriously so pretty! Afraid the happy couple would have been stuck with cookie cake if I had been in charge!
Loved getting to share the special day with Stace.
Stacey and one of his best buddies, Jackson.
The blur in this pictures is so appropriate for these two wiggle worms. They are only allowed at alphabet weddings!
After the ceremony and reception we got to blow bubbles and wish Q & U a lifetime of happiness together.

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