Monday, March 12, 2012

Blue Bombers Basketball

We had a GREAT season playing basketball at the family center. Stacey and Wyatt played on the same team with most of the same boys from soccer. It made our lives SO much easier and the boys both LOVED playing together! We loved our coaches and teammates and can't wait until next season.
A better look at these hooligans.
I did and absolutely terrible job taking pictures!! I blame Coyt and Crew, ;) they were a handful to keep occupied and it is hard to keep the yogurt puffs coming and take pictures, but I got a few of the boys on defense.

A few buddies from the team.
Mrs. Dunlap (Wyatt's teacher) came to watch her super hoopers, so thoughtful and made those boys days!!
We had a slew of other fans including Honey and GP, Nannie and Big, Aunt Sarah, The Woods and the Warrens but no pictures to proove it - again take it up with the C's - sorry guys but thanks for cheering on the blue bombers!!
Wyatt really came into his own over the course of the season. He started off dribbling down the court, anxiously looking for Stacey and passing off the ball, seeming relieved to be rid of it. But, by the end of the season he was holding his own and taking shots (and making them!) on his own, no big brother bail out required.
Stacey III was all about the rebound and scored his fair share of the blue bombers points over the season.
An iphone pic of the medal ceremony/pizza party.

Stacey III recently started on a new soccer and baseball team without Wyatt and without any familiar faces. He's been somewhat anxious about the unfamiliar (something we haven't experienced with him up until now) and while we know that these new teams will form new relationships of their own, it did remind me how thankful I am for all the familiarity and sweet friendships that this team has provided our boys.

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