Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bluebonnet Bust

The bluebonnets are beautiful in Waco right now so we thought we'd have a little spring photo shoot with the cousins. But apparently we forgot to tell the babies that sitting in the blazing sun around itchy bluebonnets in their Easter best is awesome and they were supposed to LOVE IT! Because they sort of hated it and let us know ASAP they were not having it!

I was laughing that this picture of the tops of their heads was the best picture we got. But I actually sort of genuinely love it now, probably because I love those four precious heads so much!
If only you could hear this picture.
It might not be a framer for over the fireplace, but it is reality. :)Oh did you want to stand up? Nope.
My bigs. There is lots of LOVE in that headlock...I think?
These cousin twins know how it's done!
The big kids
The whole bunch!
You may have won this round bluebonnets, but we'll be back!!


Meg said...

i am sorry but that first one of all 4 of them where the twins are identically SCREAMING is HYSTERICAL!! i would almost frame it just for posterity's sake!! the chaos just feels kind of representative of life right now, huh?? a sweet life it is though :)

Kristin said...

Oh, I'm laughing and loving it!!! Precious boys!!! How we miss you guys.... I can't read your blog much. I get too sad. :(