Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Three C's Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we celebrated Coyt and Crew's first birthday!!! The real birthday isn't for another week, so I get to deny the fact that they are almost ONE YEAR OLD just a bit longer. Kacey and I decided that the "Three Cs" as we have nick named our cousin triplets, Coyt, Crew and Caroline should most definitely celebrate their December birthdays together and what better theme than, The Letter C. :) You know I am a nut for a theme and alliteration just makes me happy so off we went conspiring and creating (don't worry I'll spare you any more C narration).

The Invitations: (Brooke with designed the invitations and all the food, activity & favor labels - she is awesome!)

We sort of lucked out that there just happen to be all sorts of sweet treats that start with C. :)

Special seats for the guests of honor:
"Clara Caterpillar" was the perfect birthday book overflowing with C alliteration.
Month by month pictures of the Cs, crazy to see how much they have changed from those early days!
A few pictures of our three Cs from throughout their first year:

The buffet of C foods:

A few C activities:

After waking up from morning naps our three birthday babies made their first appearance and got the party started!!
As a shout out to the Cs favorite snack and dietary staple we made "Cheerio Concoctions" with all different flavors of Cheerios.
"Christmas Crafts" in full swing.
OK, who wants a birthday hat!?!? Just Caroline, al-righty then.
Then is was time to sing...Happy Birthday to Crew...

Happy Birthday to Caroline...

Happy Birthday to Coyt...Yes, I made everyone sing three time (Kate Gosling may not have taught me much but she did have a few little nuggets of wisdom...I think?) ;)
Now dig in...or not?
Apparently Caroline's just looked a little bit better.
I guess it's not so bad.
Coyt thought some cherrios were just what his cake was missing.
Forget the cake we just want to play with Honey and Nannie.

And our new toys!
Caroline getting serious about unwrapping.

Caroline and Kacey
This picture makes me laugh the boys shirts are soaked with drool, Coyt is attacking Crew and my hair looks like a baby toupee on Coyt's head, but such is life!
The Smiths
The Purdys
The cousins, it was really fun for us to have both sides of the cousin crews together!
We ended the party with a Champagne or Cider toast thanking our sweet family for all their support over the last year. We would not have survived without it!!
Such a sweet day for my sweet boys. :)


Shannon said...

Where, oh where, do I even begin. CUTEST (had to say cute Cause it started with a C) party ever. Do have to admit, I got a little sad not seeing my clan at a Smith bday. Are you SURE you have to stay in Waco? Please come back now. OK? In all seriousness, what an incredibly precious party for those sweet C's! The pictures are amazing as usual and should go straight to all the party blogs! Love you six so very, very much and miss you like crazy!

Meg said...

omg so so SO cute!! where oh WHERE do you find time for the cuteness?? gah!! how can this year have gone so quickly? enjoy your last few days of not having 1-yr-olds :). i so hear you on that--nobody make them 1 day older than they have to be!!

Katy said...

Loved it! Just add it to the list of darling Purdy parties!!! Such a perfect first birthday for those three angels. And SO happy you're, sidenote. :)

Katy said...

so happy you're HERE. :)

Sarah said...

Holy cow I can't believe they're 1! Seems like you just had them yesterday. And man do they look so big in these pictures. Looks like a fun day. Oh and I quite appreciate the Kate Gosling reference...I'm still sad they went nutso...

Kristin said...

Love it!! Sweet guys!! We miss you! Happy late birthday, C's!!!