Monday, December 12, 2011

Galveston Girls Weeeknd

This summer (yes, flash back with me, this post slipped through the cracks and is way over due) I got to spend a weekend with my best girls friends at Shannon's beach house in Galveston. I look forward to these weekends all year and this one was no exception. It happened to be scheduled right in the middle of project relocate to waco, but was a much needed break from all that craziness. I forgot my camera (I know you are shocked) so thanks Shannon and Wendi for all these pictures, you'll notice I am in WAY to many of them!

Sweet Mrs. Jerry (Wendi's Mom) sent us all a little treat:
HeHe! We sported them all weekend
We had a "favorite things gift exchange" which I shamelessly copied from another friends girls weekend, but I think we've adopted it as our own tradition after all the fun gifties.
Katy shared some wonderful news about baby number three, and come to find out Ann had similar news to share, but she was quite as a mouse all weekend, don't know how she kept in in!!
Love these ladies!!

Dinner on the sea wall
Serious game of Whoonu. Apparently everyone but me knew I REALLY love glitter?
Winner winner chicken dinner!
Time to hit the beach.

Please don't judge me by my hat - yikes.
Lauren showing how to get her beautiful beach waves, still haven't been able to locate one of these nifty dryers.
How many girls does it take to get the boat out??
It was a fabulous weekend with people who have known me my whole life and love me anyway!

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Katy said...

YeS! You love glitter!!! :)