Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We kicked off out Thanksgiving hosting Wyatt's class party with Lauren. Don't you LOVE the turkey she made!
Not sure if this was the nina the pinta or the santa maria? ;) But I am pretty sure snacks were better on this ship.
Edible teepees and acorns for snack.
My Wy-guy. His sticker says he is thankful for Bob, Jack, Ella (our dogs and my parents dog) & God.
Lauren is a teacher and is so great with the class. She had them sew their own cute little ships and the kids loved it.
Charley and Wyatt hard at work.
Once school was out and Stacey was finished with work we headed to Aunt Cassie and Uncle Teddy's in Jacksboro. The boys have been begging to go to "the country" for months and were very excited.

Once we arrived glow sticks lined the road to the house. The boys were already in hog heaven.
Debbie and Cassie make holidays so much fun!! For starters they send us to a hotel at night and they take care of the kids - I KNOW!!! A mini vacation for us. And as if that wasn't enough once we arrived in our room there was a gift basket with drinks, magazines and candy waiting -I KNOW!!!
They have activities for the kids and more food than we could ever eat. This year some new TRIOs entertained the kids for hours!

Getting some love from Aunt Sarah.
We all did some of this. :)

Hunting hogs

We got crafty and made wreaths.
Kimberleigh painted Brylie's nails - B-E-A-UTIFUL!
VERY tall towers were built.

Unfortunately, all the kids ran fever off and on and just weren't 100%. Which meant less sleep for the their caretakers at night, :( but more snuggles for me during the day!

Can't thank these two enough for all they do to love and serve us.
Despite the sickies and the wind we attempted some cousin pictures and as usual Shelley captured some sweet faces.

Crew was a little more accommodating than Coyt who wasn't feeling too well and was not in the mood for pictures.
Stacey - 6
Wyatt - 4
The whole bunch
We loved our time together and know it is no small undertaking when our circus comes to town!
After we wrapped things up in the country we headed back to Big D for the Tech vs. Baylor game at Cowboy Stadium.
Stacey takes his sports very seriously! Poor thing wasn't feeling 100% but he would have been devastated to miss this.
Wyatt, on the other hand, is just there to party and could have cared less that we got killed. :(
He just loves playing with Ally.
After shaking off the Tech loss we wrapped up our Thanksgiving holiday with lunch at the American Girls Bistro celebrating early birthdays for Lila and Ally. Santa brought me Kirstin way back when there were just three dolls and I am pretty sure that had this store existed when I was little my head would have literally exploded with sheer delight at all the precious tiny little doll details!
I am so grateful that God blessed me with these precious nieces and that my sisters let me tag along for girly outings such as these! Heaven knows my band of brothers will not be hitting up the American Girls Doll store anytime soon.
Such a good Thanksgiving, with so much to be thankful for!!


Sarah said...

I'm so with you on the American Girl store cuteness! I love that I can spoil my nieces and still enjoy the fun girliness!

Katy said...

Are you kidding me??? You have the best inlaws ever!! :)