Thursday, April 1, 2010

Parkway Hills Hunt

I got to go with Stacey's class on Tuesday for their spring field trip and easter egg hunt. I was locked and loaded with my camera a fresh new UV filter (I had no idea what that even was last week) and case ready for the beautiful spring outing. I went to take my first picture and quickly realized I had left the memory card at home...wamp wamp. Luckily old faithful was in my purse so I was still able to capture some pictures.

On your mark - get set - go!! It was more like an egg race than an egg hunt. Stacey is coming over the hill in blue slicky pants.

A perfect dozen.
Yep, yours look good too.
Such a precious little class.
The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute, but, I have a new found appreciation for Mrs. Carol who keeps up with these little balls of energy every week! Phew, I was worn out!


The Junods said...

I'm catching up on some adorable pictures and posts! Could eat those bunny boys up! Precious. I heard you went on the field trip. Love the trip down memory lane. How can time go by so fast. Love the oversized shirts. You can't even tell! The pink is too cute. Wyatt is so big. He's gainin' on his bro. Can't wait to get our 4 together for some serious boy biz! Happy Easter. LVU!

shannonmichaelis said...

Don't ever forget the memory card, my dear! What on earth - and you have a UV filter and don't know why. Girl, go learn all that stuff you have...