Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Pit Master

After testing the waters with countless tailgates, meticulously watching every episode of BBQ Pit Masters and reading Peace Love & BBQ cover to cover Chris and Stacey decided they had been watching from the sidelines long enough and entered their first official BBQ competition. These are a few pictures of the surrounding competition just to give you an idea of the scene in Irving.
After marinating, injecting, prepping and smoking (and I am sure a lot of other meaty adjectives I am not familiar with) SmokeTech (their unofficial official name...Meat Violators is a close second??) was ready for the big day.

A few trainees visited for moral support.
These are the "turn-ins" which have to be submitted in these specific boxes supplied by the judges during a 15 minute window for each category. I could go into more detail but I'm sure I lost most of you at Meat Violators so I'll spare you the details.

It's a double blind turn in and unfortunately the judges only placed out the top 20 spots. So, the boys don't know if they were 21st or 73rd. Naturally we are going with 21st!! Either way according to SmokeTech is was a good learning expereince and they'll be back for more.


Julie Winckler said...

I miss Texas. I rank SmokeTech #1 for visual presentation and ability to make my mouth water 2,000 miles away.

Katy said...

Love it! Love the Meat Violaters (hilarious) although, SmokeTech seems appropriate as well! I only wish I could go to their tailgate more often. yum!