Monday, July 14, 2008

III is Three

You can get away with a lot when you have two kiddos two and under, if you look really frazzled, or seem a little insane, if you're house is a wreck and you leave a trail of chicken fingers and teddy grahams everywhere you go, people think,"Oh she has two under two." We'll no more -Stacey is now THREE YEARS OLD, so from here on out you can expect a lot more clean and calm from us - HA yea right everyone knows three is the new two (Kate said it on Oprah - so you know it is true).

Seriously though, I am always a little sentimental on the boys birthdays, it is so fun to see them growing up, but a little sad too. It just goes by so fast!! And it reminds me of what a gift they are and what a privilege it is that we have gotten to love and share in three wonderful years with Stacey. God is so good.

We had a great birthday weekend, starting out with Kacey and Josh coming into town on Friday night and the rest of the family joining us on Sunday. After much anticipation Stacey III got his "bertday." Here are a few pictures from Sunday morning. Party pics to come.

It's My Bertday!!!!!

Stacey was SO excited and so sweet that morning.

Checking out the incredible decorations.

Hey, there is a balloon on my chair.

Special birthday breakfast.

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