Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Texas Tech Spray Park Party

I know I know we are brainwashing our child, but before he gets really opinionated about his sports teams we thought we would strike while the iron was hot and embrace his love of Texas Tech. And you can't deny that these pictures will be great at his high school graduation when he (all on his own without any pressure from us) decides to embrace the best college experience available and become a Red Raider.

Special thanks to Chris and Melanie for letting us borrow their elaborate tailgating supplies!!! And thanks to everyone for enduring the heat and helping Stacey celebrate. I took a lot of before pictures but didn't do a great job during the party...I forgot the traditional family picture :( as well as a few others. I am always trying to find the balance between getting a great photo (which of course means taking 500 to get 5) and just enjoying the moment right then instead of capturing it for later. That said there are a ton of photos so I have gone high tech and put them in a slide show...ooooo...ahhhhh.


Kylie said...

That looks like a great, fun party!

I asked Ronny the other day what we would do if our kids didn't want to go to Baylor. He said that then they would go somewhere else. I didn't handle the scenario that well! :)

Glad to find your blog- I'll check up you often!

lisamil said...

um, amazing b-day party! great theme!!

I didn't know you went to the amazon, but I'm glad you did. Emily Gray sent me an email all pumped and excited today. sounded awesome.

hope you're doing well!! recover quickly!