Thursday, August 22, 2013

Smith Lake

Every Summer Mom and Dad graciously let us schedule a weekend at the Lake with the Smith side of the family. It's always a great time together with everyone enjoying each others company and all the lake has to offer. Love the family God blessed me with when I married Stacey.

I was a camera slacker since Shelley was there to capture the moment with her superior equipment so most of these pictures are hers.

I love the mid air action shots. Wy-Guy
Nannie brought everyone a cup full of misc. Lego's and they had to make their own creations using all the pieces in their cup. They were very creative and this kept them occupied for a good long time!
Lovin' some early morning cousin/brother snuggles.
These three amigos have really started to play well together and are pretty funny to watch. I loved catching Coyt in Crew in conversations with Truett or laughing at something he did that they thought was hilarious.
Hard to tell who is keeping who afloat here.
Wyatt and Brylie are best buds. She is pretty much his shadow and he loves every minute of it!!
We celebrated a few August birthdays! Big turned 63 and celebrated by taking us all to see Planes. :)

Super Biggie!!
Nannie and Big with their six pack.

Nannie bought everyone new matching jammies. Plane themed perfect for the weekend. :)

We took some group pictures which of course were incredibly easy and all perfect. ;)
Miraculously the Cs weren't crying and actually didn't mind taking a few pictures so we'll take it!
Love my tough boys!!

Yep, crew is licking Stacey????
OK I think we're done, they were so sad to be finished. ;)
Little fish

On the last morning we did some skiing and Daddy had some fun with the big three on the plane. I LOVE the range of emotions captured in these pictrures and can remember so vividly feeling overjoyed and terrified simultaneously as we were slung around the waves on a similar ride.
Whoops - Wyatt's a goner!! Love love love those feet in the air!
Wait just a minute
Stacey looks like he is going down...
He later said he was celebrating because he lived!

I promise they were having fun. :)

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